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Electric Pallet Truck CBD-15A/18A/20A

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1500KG 1800KG 2000KG


24V/20Ah-30Ah-40Ah-60Ah 48V/20Ah-30Ah


/ The truck is simple and dexterous,with small turning radius and small issuitable for ultra-narrow channel operation.

/ The truck has compact and reliable structure,The oil pipeline and line are wrapped inthe truck body which is safe and beautiful and convenient for user maintenance.

/ The truck adopts integrated handle design integrating key switch and electric meterwhich is simple and comfortable for operation.

/ Hand-held lithium battery makes battery changing easier and more convenient.

/ Standard configuration of emergency stop switch and emergency reverse deviceensure truck safety.

/ The truck is assembled with power-off braking function.The truck is braked as soon asthe handle is loosened or pressed to the bottom.

/ Electromagnetic braking and motor braking are used to ensure the safety of driving.



1.3Power unitElectricElectricElectric
1.5Rated traction weightQ (t)
1.6Load centrec (mm)600600600
1.8Axle centre to fork facex (mm)944944944
1.9Wheel basey (mm)124312431243
Weights2.1Service weight with batterykg142142146
Wheels/Tyres3.1Wheels typePUPUPU
3.2Driving wheel sizeΦ×w(mm)Φ210×70Φ210×70Φ210×70
3.3Bearing wheel sizeΦ×w(mm)Φ80×60Φ80×60Φ80×60
3.5Wheels, number front/rear (x = driven)1x/41x/41x/4
3.7Track widthb11 (mm)400/535400/535400/535
Dimensions4.4Lifth3 (mm)200200200
4.9Overall height(With handle)h14 (mm)740/1263740/1263740/1263
4.15lowered heighth13 (mm)858585
4.19Overall lengthl1 (mm)160316031603
4.20Length to fork facel2 (mm)453453453
4.21Overall widthb1/ b2 (mm)550/685550/685550/685
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l (mm)50/150/115050/150/115050/150/1150
4.25Width of forksb5 (mm)550/685550/685550/685
4.32Min.Ground clearancem2 (mm)353535
4.33Aisle width with pallet 1000 x 1200 across forksAst (mm)180418041804
4.34Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forksAst (mm)185418541854
4.35Min.Turning radiusWa (mm)139813981398
Performance5.1Travel speed,laden/unladen(km/h)4.2/4.54.2/4.54.2/4.5
5.8Maximum climbing ability, with/without load(%)5/105/105/10
5.10Service brakeElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagnetic
Drive6.1Drive motor, 60 minute rating(kW)0.750.750.75
6.2Lift motor rating at S3 15%(kW)
6.3Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B,C,nononono
6.4Battery voltage/rated capacity(V/Ah)24/2024/2048/20
6.5Battery weight (± 5%)(kg)6610.2
Others8.1Type of drive controlDCDCDC
8.4Noise level at operator‘s ear(dB(A))≤70≤70≤70
10.5Steering typeMechanical steeringMechanical steeringMechanical steering




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